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Turin is an elegant and culturally rich city surrounded by greenery, with over 300 km of tree-lined avenues and numerous parks. It is crossed by the Po River, at the foot of which lie the most famous historic rowing clubs, and it is protected by the enchanting western Alpine arc. Turin, the first capital of Italy, invites you to discover its ancient and modern history, the Royal Residences, palaces and museums, parks and tree-lined avenues, the Contemporary Art Foundation Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. The city offers historic restaurants and cafes, long porticoed streets and multi-ethnic neighborhoods, major events, and many small pleasures that have always made it unique. It balances rational Roman urban planning, the measured splendor of Piedmontese Baroque, and the originality of modern and contemporary architecture. Turin is to be discovered step by step, even by walking its streets and squares with your head held high, and above all, it is to be experienced.

Mainly there are things must see, must do, must taste. After hosting the 2022 Special Olympics National Summer Games, Turin will be the gateway to our valleys, which will host the 2025 Special Olympics World Games.

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Sestriere has been at the center of the international scene since the 1930s, equipped with all the comforts and amusements of a modern tourist destination. It offers an outstanding sports experience, refined shopping, and a variety of entertainment options. A highly frequented glamorous location, it maintains all its charm thanks to the stunning alpine scenery surrounding it. As a venue for numerous international competitions, Sestriere offers snow enthusiasts high-level technical slopes immersed in a landscape of striking beauty. Sestriere is part of the vast Via Lattea ski area, which includes resorts such as Claviere, Sauze d’Oulx, Cesana, San Sicario, and Pragelato. Its slopes have hosted prestigious events such as the 1997 World Championships and the 2006 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. In 2024, it hosted the XXXV Special Olympics National Winter Games, an experience also strongly desired and realized in 2011, 2012, and 2014. The resort regularly hosts Alpine Ski World Cup events, although the peak of prestige was when it was chosen to host the men’s Alpine skiing competitions during the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. The two towers (red and white) dominating the skyline have become the symbol of the town. Sestriere is not just a winter ski resort; in summer, you can play golf on the highest 18-hole course in Europe and enjoy hiking and biking.

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Bardonecchia is one of the most charming corners of the western Alpine arc. Known as a ski resort since the early 1900s, it hosted the snowboarding competitions of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics. It is a continually evolving destination where tradition and modernity blend perfectly. Bardonecchia offers endless alternatives for those who love walking and mountain biking: trails, mule tracks, and military roads. The wide variety of trails suits all enthusiasts: from simple walkers to attentive hikers and demanding mountaineers. Along sunny routes and walks through spruce and larch forests, you can reach Bardonecchia’s most famous peaks, such as the Guglia Rossa, Val Fredda, Tre Croci, the Sommeiller Glacier, Mount Tabor, and the peaks of Pierre Menue, with opportunities for pleasant stops at alpine refuges and numerous high-altitude pastures. Its skiing tradition began in 1901 with the first ski ascent of Mount Tabor, transforming Bardonecchia from a summer destination to a renowned winter resort. The founding of the Bardonecchia Ski Club in 1908 marked the beginning of a long history of ski competitions, solidified in 2006 when the town hosted the snowboarding events of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Recently, in 2023, Bardonecchia was one of the host venues of the XXXIV Special Olympics National Winter Games for alpine skiing, snowboarding, and sports dance disciplines. The Special Olympics National Winter Games were also held in Bardonecchia in 2018 and 2019.

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Pragelato is a major tourist center in the heart of the Alta Val Chisone, connected to the Via Lattea ski area by a cable car and a dedicated slope. With its Olympic track and marvelous trails allowing skiing in the stunning silence and scenic beauty of the Val Troncea Park, Pragelato is a true capital of cross-country skiing and hosted the 2024 Special Olympics National Winter Games. It also offers more structured sports like golf and is ideal for mountain biking or horseback riding.

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Grenoble, France

Grenoble is a city in southeastern France, located at the foot of the French Alps where the Drac and Isère rivers meet. It’s the largest city of Isère, a department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and was host of the 1968 Olympic Winter Games. Grenoble is not only an important center for mountain sports it also has a presence in arts, music and literature through its many museums and festivals. In addition to strolling through its historic city center, the cable car ride to the Fort de la Bastille for a visit of the fortifications and museums is on of the most popular sights. For trips to the mountains there is convenient bus access to many nearby alpine ski resorts, natural parks and hiking trails.

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